If you’re looking for a quality freelance writer at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place. With over a decade of experience in blog and content writing, I excel in creating custom content for websites, blogs, newsletters, publications, nonprofit organizations, white papers, and email marketing. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you soon.


My writing experience spans across many genres & categories; from faith-based devotions for churches and magazines to nonprofit organizations to SEO keyword web clients to travel companies.  I have broken up the writing into categories and included a few samples in each, so if you are looking for something specific, it should be easy to find.

This is certainly not all of my work, and I specifically have experience with nonprofit donor newsletters and annual reports that I cannot include here for privacy reasons. If you don’t see something related to your project, contact me. I also have a recommendation letter from IAPWE (International Association of Professional Writers and Editors).

This page will be updated on a fairly consistent basis, so check back often. Most are links to the websites where you can find the published writing. Some are pdf files.

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Preparing Your Freelance Writing Contract

I’d like to start by saying this article can’t possibly cover everything that should be included in your contract. Every writer and client relationship and project is different. However, when it comes to preparing your freelance writing contract, some elements are non-negotiable and should be part of every contract. If you are new to the …

4 Mindfulness Techniques That Benefit Writers

The buzz around “mindfulness” keeps growing. Therapists, teachers, and vulnerability gurus are saying things like, “practice mindfulness” and “be more mindful,” but that’s not helpful if you don’t understand what mindfulness is, or how to apply it to your life. Mindfulness is just the practice of focusing your awareness on the present moment. NIH researchers …

Relevant Content is the Best SEO Strategy

Every business wants their website to rank well in organic searches, generate traffic, produce leads, and convert those leads into customers. Although it may seem elusive, generating traffic through solid SEO practices is not a secret, or impossible. Unfortunately, too many businesses and marketing departments dismiss this evidence from some of the top marketing research …


After a childhood spent exploring the diverse climates of the American Southwest and developing a love for beaches, mountains, and deserts alike, I joined the United States Army as a water purification specialist. This adventure took me to South Korea, where I enjoyed the local culture and met my future husband. I returned to the United States with a strong appreciation of clean water and a dream to pursue my love of writing.

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Ready to get started? I quote custom prices on my work because every job is different. That being said, most of my rates start at .10 per word for basic content. Send me a message with information about your writing project, your preferred method of contact, and the best time to reach you (with time zone). I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.