My writing experience spans across many genres & categories; from faith-based devotions for churches and magazines to nonprofit organizations to SEO keyword web clients to travel companies.  I have broken up the writing into categories and included a few samples in each, so if you are looking for something specific, it should be easy to find.

This is certainly not all of my work, and I specifically have experience with nonprofit donor newsletters and annual reports that I cannot include here for privacy reasons. If you don’t see something related to your project, contact me. I also have a recommendation letter from IAPWE (International Association of Professional Writers and Editors).

This page will be updated on a fairly consistent basis, so check back often. Most are links to the websites where you can find the published writing. Some are pdf files.

SEO Content Writing:

I am a contracted writer with SiteSmart Marketing. If you would like a reference from them, please contact them directly.  If you would like a sample, I can email you a pdf with client information removed. Thank you for respecting client privacy!

News Articles (Cryptocurrency):

  1. Starbucks Executive Chairman Sees a Future with Blockchain Technology, but not Bitcoin
  2. Blockchain-based Medical AI Could Save Millions of Lives
  3. Marshall Islands to Offer First Legal Tender Cryptocurrency
  4. Ujo Music: How the Ethereum Blockchain is Revolutionizing the Music Industry
  5. John Oliver Advises Crypto Investors to Join the #CRAEFUL Gang
  6. The Unexpected Pitfall of Cryptocurrency Mining
  7. Twitter Bans Cryptocurrency Ads and Bitcoin Plummets
  8. Ripple Donates 29 Million Dollars to US Classrooms
  9. Ford Motor Company Steers Into the Future with a Crypto Patent


Travel Articles:

  1. Colombia Will Steal Your Heart
  2. The Wayuu: People of the Sun, Sand, and Wind
  3. Colombia’s Golden Past: Uncovering the Legend of El Dorado
  4. Bogota’s Street Art: A Colombian Renaissance 
  5. Season of Blooming: Discovering Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival
  6. A Confectionary Smorgasbord: Four Filipino Sweet Treats to Try
  7. Manila’s Spectacular Pageant of Pyrotechnics
  8. Art, Excess, and Ghosts: Exploring the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex


Nonprofit Blogs and Marketing:

  1. It’s Our 6th Birthday
  2. Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
  3. Domestic Violence Awareness Day
  4. One Day I Will
  5. Deck the Halls, Build the Walls
  6. Giving Tuesday, November 28th
  7. One the Path to Life – The Girl’s Empowerment Program (pt. 1)
  8. Becoming One in Christ – The Girls Empowerment Program (pt. 2)
  9. Rukundo International Holiday Campaign Social Media Tool Kit
  10. Rukundo International Holiday Campaign Letter


Devotions & Religious Content:

  1. Exemplify Online April 2010
  2. Love Is
  3. In Your Light We See Light
  4. Letting Go of Control – Devotions from Hannah
  5. God Called Me Gomer